Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Edith's House

In 2006 Edith Masefield made news when she refused 1 million dollars from developers who wanted to knock her 1900 home down and build a big shopping center. She was 84 and just didn’t want to move, had no use for the money. The construction foreman befriended her and she left the house to him when she died in 2008. It was sold again, and then again to A Portland architectural designer who named it Edith’s House at Credo Square. There were plans for tiles all over the house with individual credos on them, (in 2013) and raising the house to the level of the building and having a 2 story gathering place beneath it. This is what it looks like today. You can see how it used to look here. (not sure how my tree got here...) I was nearby and thought I’d have a look today - I can’t seem to find any very current thinking on its status - it would be nice to see it as a useful reminder of one woman’s resistance to change…….there are examples in other cities of the same thing that has been turned into a business or residence. Will keep you posted if I find out something more current.
Here is a link to a recent art project that Edith inspired -that I unfortunately missed….

Edit: check out nhc's comment below to a successful
holdout in Portland! (HERE)

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