Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

5 years

Blipcentral now notifies us when we have a blip birthday coming up in 3 days……so I’ve had 3 days to think about it. :-)    It’s a few days early actually as I think I have all of 4 archived….  but no matter, it’s almost 5 years , missing 1 day.    It went fast.  I still love this method of journaling life and all the interesting people Ive met and the photos I’ve seen.  I appreciate everyone who stops by.

Only had a little time to go look for a water blip. (Tai chi all morning and an early dinner with friends before the opera, Ariadne)   Nothing inspired me but the patterns on the water —so there you have it—- the breezy lake and a very shallow place with the sun making the choppy patterns of the sun on the bottom.    And I have seen them in both colors.  But not today.  Changed the color for the “celebration.”

 I’m really going to try to take some breaks (sound familiar?) to work on so many other projects,  to see if it makes a difference.   I feel way behind and disorganized.   So I apologize ahead for less comments and less blips, altho if I’ve got something I want recorded, I’’m sure I’ll post it.   I’m leaving comments on,  as sometimes I just can’t resist a bit of a conversation.  but please don’t feel like you need to make any…..and please don’t feel bad if I don’t reply.     I’m sure I’ll be back…..  And yes, I’m hoping to post 1 drawing a week…..

Long live Blip!

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