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Playing with fabric! I have been using fabric for my 100 day project and the Documented Life Project.

This was a rough selection of the variety of fabrics I used to create a 9" x 11" size fabric collage, which I glued into my art journal when it was complete. I will share the finished collage (in my journal) with you next. I'm catching up here again because all of a sudden I realized I had not added anything to blipfoto for almost 3 days... Sometimes this happens when I'm busy with other projects or family . . . . I don't seem to worry about posting every day so much anymore. Because this is not my only project I strive to do daily, I do my best. If I have taken photos I'll try to fill them in and if not, oh well!  So, don't worry if I am not always around . . . I'm probably busy with other things and will return soon. I've learned I can't do everything I want to, so I try to let it go gracefully . . . Although, I do have 2 more blips coming up!! I will write more about the fabrics above with the next blip moving forward. Thanks for still coming around even though I have not been very good about visiting you...

oh my! This is a photo taken at close range so I am going to included it in the May Macro mayhem! Simply click on the tag below to visit all of the entries - it goes on all month, so jump on in! 

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