creative lenna

By creativelenna

Fabric collage IN my art Journal

Here is the collage I alluded to in my previous blip. That blip shares the fabrics I used to create it. When I dove into a 100 Day project focusing on fabrics, what happened was I found all kinds of different pieces of fabric that were full of meaning for me. Not all of the fabrics were like that mind you, but many were. I recognized baby clothes I made (I used to sew as many pieces of clothing as I could). I found sections of old blue jeans belonging to Crazy Steve . . . who is still not posting blips again yet! I found many pieces of leftover fabrics that I had used to create small fabric quilties, ATCs (artist trading cards) and fabric books . . . it was amazing. 
So, when the Documented Life Project had a theme of texture via fabric for our art journal prompt, this is what happened. 
I have shared more photos and writing about this on my website, if you are interested. Thanks so much for coming by! 

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