Lala's Journal

By Lala

A Farce

A day at my desk, working through lunch break as I wanted to leave early. The granddaughters were being delivered to us this afternoon, until their Uncle, #3 son had finished work and could pick them up. He is caring for them, the dog and cat at their house for the weekend while parents are away at a wedding.

Fortunately I grabbed a snap of this flower, a whole bush of the beautiful blooms ( no idea what they are) outside the Accounts office, just in case I didn't have time to go looking.

As I got home Mr Lala (he will hate that I call him that hehe) poured the tea and all hell broke loose as the girls turned up, very excited. Their dad, in a rush had enough time for kisses all round and was gone, on his way to Sussex. We sorted dinner, dessert, sweets (I love being a grandma and not having to worry about spoiling them) and there was Uncle. Much excitement, collecting up of all goodies and they were on their way to pick up son's girlfriend before taking the girls home.

Phew, we sat and breathed a sigh before attempting to clear up, when the phone rang. #1 son (girls' dad calling from Sussex) to tell me he had forgotten to leave the door key! As we faced a weekend of spoiled plans, girls with no clothes or gym equipment for the class, and a dog and cat locked in, he uttered the words....I can't remember locking the patio door, can you check? Off we went, I had to climb the wall to reach the lock on the other side of the gate at the side of the house, all the time expecting someone to challenge me. I did it, and ran, yes ran all round to the side of the house, heart in mouth. Never before have I so wanted my son to be stupid enough to go away for a weekend leaving the patio door unlocked!

YES! I slid the latch and smooth as could be the door slid open. The dog went berserk, peed all over the floor with excitement at seeing me and I just breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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