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Great work, team! Leaving aside my two, there were 100 entries for Mono Monday this week, which is brilliant. We had sharp implements, sharp plants, sharp tastes, sharp dressing, sharp pencils and pens, broken glass, musical sharps and the sharp ends of buildings and ships, as well as signs that spoke of sharp in some way.

I've really enjoyed looking through them all, and I could easily have given out a dozen hearts, but these are my winners this week:

Shyflamingo for her photo of her husband sharpening a chisel. I love the mood and the composition of this.

Missycat3 for a close-up of sewing equipment, including a beautiful shiny needle. Lovely tones and textures here.

seathreepeeo for her scissors and apple - the lighting and composition give this great drama. It also wins the inaugural Norman Bates award: if seathreepeeo should invite you to stay the night at her house, I'd advise you to remember a prior engagement and quietly back away.

Nevermore for her action shot of a lino cut in progress. Again I really like the lighting, and the shallow dof that concentrates your attention on the action.

lovelupins17 for the sharp vision through her driving glasses. This is a cool and unusual idea, very nicely executed.

I've put the tag in again today in case anyone wants to look at all the entries. If you don't have time to do all of them, as well as the winners I'd like to give honourable mentions to flying, AH14, isbi, MarlieskeHanneke3 and Doubtful Guest.

Next week's theme will be Curve, and the tag will be mm71 - I'll put up a reminder on Sunday, and I hope you'll all play again if you can!

My shot and extras today are aquilegias. The main image and second extra are extension tube shots - I'm not quite sure if they qualify for Tiny Tuesday, but I'll tag them anyway. The first extra was an attempt at one of the directional light shots that Miranda1008 does so wonderfully well - it didn't really come off because there's nowhere in this house with very dramatic lighting, but I kind of like it anyway.

Just before I go - two mono shots that their owners knew weren't likely to be accepted as embodying "sharp", but which I know will give all the animal lovers among you a Tuesday "Awww!!": Lemmy and Miss Mehitabel.  :-)

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