Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Nice camera, lady!

Well, actually, this little yellow warbler (Setophaga petechia) couldn't have cared less about the camera, or me, for that matter.  She was busy flitting all over some trees and shrubs, gathering insects.  Never saw the male, but heard him singing so know he was around somewhere.  She was eventually joined by another female and they kept me thoroughly entertained for a good half hour.  

I also saw lots of dragons and damsels, and a very soggy Baltimore Oriole who was busy fixing himself up after a dip in the lake.  A very enjoyable outing, and lots of things to point the D750 at.  In fact, I logged a little over 500 clicks on it today - a good start!  I posted 4 other pics on Flickr, starting HERE , all taken with Big Daddy on the D750.  And one more in Extra (of a dot-tailed whiteface dragon - yep, that's really what it's called!)

When I got home, I was delighted to see a pair of swallows in the yard, singing and soaring and checking out all the nest boxes.  Unfortunately, the little House Wren, still mateless, is beside himself and trying to defend all 5 nest boxes.  Drama on the Lane...  I would be thrilled if the swallows nested here, but we shall see.  

Meanwhile, in the continuing saga of the Tale of Two Kitties, Phoebe and Charlie actually seemed to be sort of tolerating one another today.  I hesitate to make too much of it, but the hissing has been minimal.  Is it possible we are having a breakthrough?  Nah, probably not.  Again, we shall see...

Off to meet up with my naturalist group tomorrow - weather should be perfect and I am sure we'll see lots of interesting things.  I think I may take the 28-300 lens - not great for birds, but good for bugs, flowers, landscapes...

Happy Hump Day, people!


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