Tales of the Riverbank

Around the curve in the River today, I found (at last) some Moorhen chicks :)

For Mono Monday hosted by JDO

Apologies for the quality of this picture, I was trying to avoid a fisherman and get a good shot through the thick layers of nettles that now surround the river!

Moorhen and chicks in my extras today..unfortunately they were on the other side of the river...

What has happened to our beautiful sunny days, back to cold and grey today?  I almost feel like putting the heating on again...

Happy Monday folks :)

Rubbish day at work today :(  Apparently we are at a 'stale mate'...they think I take too long to do things and I tell them its because of the phone calls and interruptions....  Getting so fed up with all this (and they don't like me making notes about the length of time it takes to do things (but they wanted to know before :( )...  Feeling useless and stupid!

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