We have had a lovely week weatherwise until yesterday, when it was quite chilly, but thankfully, Mr. HCB and our grandson saw the whole of the 20/20 cricket match at Bristol in the evening, despite it being quite drizzly, so they were both happy.

I'm still not going out that much, so thankfully, as we have lots of beautiful roses blooming in the garden, I decided that I would choose one for my Blip today - I love it when the raindrops are glistening on the petals.

This one is a David Austin rose, Queen of Sweden, and it really is gorgeous with a perfume to match.

“Roses and thorns 
     are parts of the same plant. 
Somehow though, 
     some people are concerned 
          mainly about the roses. 
The rose is not on the plant 
     for more than a week, 
          but the thorns are there forever.
Roses are teaching 
     that the beauty of life will bloom, 
          once you have taught yourself 
               the lessons given 
                    by living with the thorns.” 
Grigoris Deoudis

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