Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Too tired to blip when I got home last night after dining in this restaurant, so here I am, typing this as fast as I can during my lunch hour!!!

We had a visit from our friend Hilde who is on her way back to Muscat from Amman. Had a catch up at home before heading out to eat... we chose an old favourite as it is a. nearby b. has great food (still) and c. it was ladies night!!! ;)  (As usual, we could only manage one drink each.)

And prior to this, G had spent the day doing some baking for a farewell to 3 people Tea Party being held at my office. Banana cakes and vol-au-vents... the flat smelt incredible when I got home. And I managed the last webinar this side of summer before everything shuts down for Ramadan and er - SUMMER!


Heard of a really novel café that is set up here in Dubai, but I need a good cat picture before I can say any more.

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