Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

My kinda shop

Excuse the quality of this image - it is taken with my phone.

Headed out this morning with only what would fit in our pockets, so driver's licence, credit card, cash and phone on me; oh I had to carry my fleece. Went to church and then across town to Wafi where I wanted to look more closely at a stereo which is why we were in this store...

The music system outside my bathroom is kaput, so I decided to finally splash out and get something decent! I might even blip it one day. I do love this shop - don't miss the lights disguised as bass drums! There is lots to see and do here... two grand pianos even! Think we were there over an hour.

A good, restful day; just as Friday's should be. A good balance of resting and getting some things done.

PS.  I finally added the food collage for Wednesday High Tea blip.

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