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By northernlass261

One Man in a Tub

On my usual walk with Holly this morning, on the way back, by the Nature Park, two little fury things ran out in front of us.   Some of you may remember a few months ago, friends had told me of the guinea pigs they saw.   I subsequently went for a few days, saw nothing, and hoped they had moved further into the park.   Well they are still there.   I put Holly on the lead, in case she went in after them (she is part terrier).   I don't think she would attack them but you can't be too sure.   They continued to eat for a while and I managed to get a decent enough shot of the smaller one, which I am hoping is a baby, growing up.   It will mean they are thriving.   See extra photos.

Continuing home, there was the above workmen with several large trucks and plant.   On the turning circle at the top of our street, there is a drop down to the back garden of two of the houses.   It seems that recently, perhaps after the bad storms earlier in the year some debris has been falling into the gardens.

The men have drilled great holes, put up large posts and put down the cliff face, by abseiling down, large sheets of metal mess.   On inspection, the mess seemed too big to stop any rocks etc falling through and so today, all has become clear.   They have sprayed the cliff face with cement to seal it all in.   I don't think the lighting on the shot is very good as I had to lean over the barrier to get the picture!

A little excitement today!

And I and my friend have managed to get the App working for the bike!!

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