Blowing In the Wind

The nor’wester blowing up the back of the mountains  and kicking up the snow. Taken in the mid-afternoon when the sun is fairly low behind the mountains.

At last I went out in my car. I had trouble deciding where to go. It was more that a week too late for snow sight-seeing, and anyway I’ve seen enough snow to last me this winter. I could see the fuzz of the disturbed snow on the mountains and thought a close view of them would be nice. I was surprised at the lack of snow in many places. Indeed, apart from the roadside heaps from the snowploughs, much of the district is virtually snow free. Except in my garden. I seem to have received more than my share.

It did retreat more overnight with the warm nor’wester, and I was able to go down the bank to the lower part of my garden. It is on the south side and copped a lot of snow, which is still deep in places. Bushes and trees are damaged down there too. One disturbing discovery was a significantly large branch that has snapped off one of the tall fir trees and is lying across lower branches. Fortunately it is over a place I rarely go because the bank is so steep there. It is too high up to access it from the ground.

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