A Good Evening

No mystery as to where we've been this evening:-)  The clue is in the coffee!

We went with friend L. and her husband to see a show called "Yer Granny" at Dundee Rep (see extra photo) and had a pre-theatre meal in the Encore Bar & Grill first.  Excellent food and good service and no distance to go to our seats in the theatre!

The play starred Gregor Fisher in the tiltle role and Scottish TV viewers will remember him as Rab C.Nesbitt in his old string vest.  He was equally obnoxious here, playing a 100-year old grandmother who couldn't stop eating and had brought her long-suffering family to the brink of ruin.  The whole cast threw themselves into their performances and gave us a very funny evening's entertainment, with the ending being particularly explosive!

The long awaited heatwave hasn't quite arrived here yet, with the whole day being cloudy and drizzly and not especially warm.  Perhaps tomorrow will be better?

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