Midweek Scarborough .

The weather was too good to stay in the city so off I went by train to my favourite seaside resort. where a pleasant breeze was welcome. Having got myself a deckchair , coffee and snack I was content to sit and enjoy the magic of the North Sea, always relaxing. As soon as possible  off for my 1st swim . Plenty more had the same idea too . The castles so carefully built were soon smashed by the incoming tide .(part of the pleasure of building is to watch the sea take back ) This gull stood infront of me surveying his "Kingdom". He certainly had an air about him. Later as I left the beach I noticed  the deck chairs stacked and colourful . It had been a wonderful day.For sure I'll return Three extras are loaded. Who can say what the first two are ? The third shows the sea where it was strong enough for surfing .

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