Life through the lens...

By ValC


The perfume of these sweet peas is wafting throughout the house.

Another beautiful day. 
A bit fresher than yesterday, and so for me much more pleasant.

After breakfast, our first visit to the local fruit farm, to pick a couple of pounds of strawberries, and some gooseberries.

Half the  strawberries eaten for lunch with a big dollop of ice cream, and the gooseberries will be made into a pie for tea.
Not sure weather that will be with ice cream or cream, or both!
Difficult decisions!

They also grow the most wonderful sweet peas, and so I bought a big bunch. ( 80p)
A new variety this year is one called " April in Paris".A very pretty cream one, with a frilled edge of blue/lilac, and a wonderful strong perfume.
see extra photo.

Now to have a sit out in the garden and start a new book my sister gave me entitled "The Memory Garden".
"Magical Cornwall, a lost garden, a love story from long ago......"
Like me she loves Cornwall, and she was sure I would enjoy the book as much as she did.
A nice glass of homemade lemonade, with lots of ice!

Isn't Summer wonderful!

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