Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


It was our regular committee this morning and it's always a pleasure to be together and work on festival issues.  The plans for the autumn festival are going well and I'll be ready to publish details online very soon.

It was a race home to be in time for the surveyor from the window company. He did most of the measuring from outside so distruption was minimal.  I ironed and watched Wimbledon. 

It's Monday, so it's Slimming World. I was a bit miffed because I'd put on 1lb, but I have been enjoying food and wine (and the odd glass of beer) in the Dolomites, so it's not really bad.  I'm getting to know more people now which helps.

Bowlby has been very fussy all day, howling for food for long periods and wanting to snuggle up and be stroked a lot too. Carla is out hunting.  Mum is enjoying her painting course in the Lakes.

This hosta is in a tub at our door. It seems more resistant to slugs than the others. I don't use slug pellets because of our hedgehogs, so I think the slugs may win (again).

PS I have fed the cats, the birds and the hedgehogs ( just in case anyone wonders if I'm coping in Mum's absence!)

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