My days are now a blur!

Having failed to update this journal for several days I'm now failing to remember what happened when.  I think one of my purposes for keeping the journal ongoing was to use it to keep track of days and events and now I've totally lost it!  Maybe some things will come back to me as I fill in the gaps.  

A change of type of image for me - still using the lens baby, but I spotted the pattern on the seat of the outdoor chairs.  I also took several shots of the Zephirine Drouhin bourbon rose that is spreading out it's blooms across the front door.  I cut several to go in a vase of flowers for mum's room.

p.s. I'm just beginning to remember as far back at Monday.  I think I was pretty stressed and trying to decide whether we/I  could cope with mum coming back to us or whether it was totally unfair on Ann so when I visited in the morning I arranged to chat with their discharge coordinator in the afternoon.  And I managed to prang the bumper of my car in their carpark during the morning - fortunately on the corner of a wall rather than on another car.  I think the important message I took away with me was that any decision that we took could be changed, that nothing was set in tablets of stone and that they would be given ongoing support by the hospice.

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