He' such a great role model for Megan

Seriously. A good sense of humour is to my mind a great attribute for anyone to have and Luke is blessed. He gets it from me of course :-)

Another birthday celebration for me last night but it's still not my birthday. It was just convenient to do it on the weekend. BBQ but we ate indoors. Despite it having been a lovely day, by the time the evening rolls in, the sun has gone, the wind is up and it's just too cold to sit outside.

Played a game called 'Bucket of Doom' last night. One of my early birthday presents from Debbie and Adrian. Much hilarity, most of it emanating from Diana's unease at playing a game that can and inevitably does stoop to gutter levels. She had one Doom card to read that had the word arse in it and just couldn't bring herself to say it - makes me wonder how the two of us ever hooked up; talk about opposites.

Matthew is flying home tonight, just for one day. He returns to France early Tuesday morning taking his new car which was my old car. I would have loved to have gone back with him to spend a few days in France and to give him company on the long drive but there is just too much happening at home and things are not much quieter at work. Another time maybe.

OK, I'm off out on my bike before the rain returns. 

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