Butter wouldn't melt!

This innocent looking wee cat was a wee horror this morning. She came running in with something in her mouth and I thought it was a twig or a sycamore leaf as usual but when I went to take it off her, she ran upstairs. When I caught up with her, she was on my bed and when I got her to drop her prize, I discovered that it was the foot of a bird! I took it off her and went for my shower.

When I came out the shower she was back on my bed with more of the bird and what a mess she had made! I had to strip the bed and even put the duvet in the washing machine. I don't think she caught the bird as she is still wee and only has her baby teeth. It was probably one of the big cats but Daisy knew what to do with it!

She looks so sweet lying sleeping now but her natural instincts are never far from the surface I suppose.

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