St Ninian's Row

We got back from Yorkshire late last night and had to be up early this morning.  TT and I were going to work and BB was off to holiday club.  Not only was our train cancelled, the following train was cancelled too – both due to crew unavailability.  I feel a complaint coming on. We had to drive into Edinburgh and pay a huge amount to park all day.  After only two days out of the office - it took me all morning to catch up with my e-mails.  It makes me wonder what it will be like when I take two weeks off soon. 

As one of the last to be collected from holiday club, BB was having a water fight with the staff.  They were having great fun and I am sure he would still be there.  TT came home to do some gardening and I had to go to the supermarket as the cupboard was bare.

Just as BB was going to bed he announced that he had held a meerkat, a bearded dragon, a hedgehog and a snake today.  Some creatures had pitched up at Holiday Club!

Here is another Edinburgh view from Calton Road.  I always think St Ninian deserves a better looking Row.  It's taken near here, on the same road as here.  A very different building to the ones I blipped yesterday.

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