Birthday Bag o' Blooms!

I didn't get to see my daughter and Grandsons on my birthday. If I hadn't had to work they would have come over once school was finished. 

But it was a lovely surprise in the afternoon when the Interflora van came to my house to deliver these lovely flowers. I love the bag too, and once the flowers are finished it will contain my pens!

I did well for presents. I got a Moonpig mug with a photo of Minstrel on that I had taken, some books from Jae and Zeph, and money from other family. The money will be going on a new camera next week!

I have to work tomorrow night as my Muslim colleague is celebrating Eid-al-Fitr. But I asked the boss if, as I am working tomorrow, I could have Tuesday off. He agreed, so I will be off for four days! Hoorah!!

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