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By walkingMarj

The best reunion ever!

Forty years on! Who would believe it?  58 of the Class of 75 from Newcastle Medical School, plus partners, spent a very happy evening together sailing on the River Tyne.

Six of our year of 100 have died.  A few could not be traced and others were unable to come (family weddings and the like).  Some travelled far from Norway, Iceland, Canada, Germany and more. Some still live in Newcastle. The majority are retired but a few soldier on. My good friend, Pali Hungin, seen near the front of this photo, will be President of the BMA next year.

We were relaxed.  No one had anything to prove. We were glad we were still here to tell the tale.

The Millennium and the Swing Bridges were opened for us twice and we waved at the people on either side of the Tyne. We talked all evening and it was hard to say goodbye at midnight.

I'd woken during the night with razor blades in my throat a sore throat, but the adrenaline and the alcohol saw me through.

The extra photo is Anne, the main organiser, who I managed to omit to photograph at the last reunion....

And I wore shoes and socks! Thank you all for entering into yesterday's discussion with such enthusiasm.

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