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A celebration of life

I was at the festival committee this morning. The programme is sorted but now comes to me for final tidying up before I publish it on the web. The walk teams have been allocated and we have fingers crossed that everyone stays fit and available for their chosen walks. The printed programme needs to be designed to and a few adverts sorted. I think I will be spending some time at the computer over the next few days.

We finished in good time - I was chairing and I knew I had to leave promptly - and I came home to collect Mum. We headed to Haydon Bridge Chapel for the funeral of another Irene, who was a regular member there. In fact, she was a life long Methodist.

Mum has not been able to go go chapel for a long time now. The morning service at 10am is a bit too early for her and she does not like going out at night, especially in the winter. We saw a lot of her friends, including Irene's family.

We heard how Irene's life was full of fun, family and faith. There were anecdotes about her. One of her daughters and a grandson spoke. Ann, the deacon, did very well and gave a well thought out address.

The singing was loud and lusty - typical Methodists. The tea afterwards was lovely - again typical Methodists.

Haydon Bridge Methodist Chapel buildings were falling into disrepair in the 80s. The congregation raised money and rebuilt the chapel. My blip is of the altar with two original stained glass windows behind. They are from the 19th century original building.

They now have a purpose built chapel which can be used for community events as well as for worship area.

Back home, I welcomed Tina, our bat expert. She came to see the site of the multiple bat deaths last week. She thinks they have been roosting in the cavity wall and one or more must have found a way into the boiler room. Their cries for help would bring more bats to their aid - and ultimate deaths. Very sad, but we hope this is the end of it.

It's been hot and summery here all day. Why am I cooking sausages and roast vegetables just now??

PS Last night's quiz winner was dollydoug who identified the teacher in the group.

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