Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Local family

Firstly, many thanks for all the comments, stars and hearts for my Blips over the last couple of days! They are all really appreciated.

Now, lets get one thing clear from the start; I am not a cat person. I don't have pets but if I did, it would be a dog. A dog's your mate; a dog knows how to have fun, to cheer you up when you're sad and to keep you company at all times. But a cat? A cat, if it can be bothered to move, will lift its head, take one look at you and think 'What a prat'. But in Greece they are part of the landscape and due to the fundraising efforts of some local people they are well looked after and fed, and live a fairly good life overall. They aren't really owned by anyone but they will allow you to look after them and feed them if they see fit. This proud mum and her kitten have decided that the owners of our accommodation are suitable people to feed and look after them, so have deigned to let me take their picture.

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