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Fluffy 0933 hr (Sunday 26th July 2015)

I am on Fluffy-minding duties while her normal family are at WOMAD getting rained on. She was very stand-offish on Friday morning but seems to have had a change of heart and submitted to being stroked last night and this morning.

I was attempting to work out how to use the flash on the LX100 compact and so the room was quite dark, with curtains still drawn. I couldn't get it to fire (I've since mastered how) so this was taken in a very low light and was considerably under-exposed due to the flash failure. After considerable messing about in post processing this is the best I could manage.

26.7.2015 (2025 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Jerry Lee Lewis - Rock 'n' Roll (2006)
I've been listening to 6 Music having a Rock And Roll Day. They quite rightly played Led Zeppelin's Rock 'n' Roll and some Jerry Lee, but they didn't combine the two and play Jerry Lee taking Rock'n'Roll back to where it started from, so I am. As an added bonus, Jimmy Page plays guitar on it.

One Year Ago:
Smokey 1646 hr

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