Looking back #1460 blip

Looking back, in my side view mirror today, I could not help but capture what I saw with my camera. Steve was driving! I saw Wolfe Island in it's glory, reflected back at me. And looking back here on blip, because today marks my 1,460 blip, I see so much good, even among all the "blips" and hiccups this site has gone through. Reflecting on this milestone, I've updated my profile here.

We so enjoyed our time here, but today Steve & I decided it was time to say goodbye and start our long journey home. It is 1500 miles for us between Canada & Florida and we missed home. We were scheduled to stay another 2 days, but we both felt ready to go. So the cottage is cleaned, the bags are packed, family visited, the fridge cleaned out, the wine drunk and we are ready to leave early tomorrow morning. Again, I will be out of touch for a bit as I will put this laptop away and we'll be on the road. Thanks so much for stopping by on my special day - I promise to catch up with you later!!! 

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