Just ........

 .... a leaf.

Much, much better much larger

I collected a bowlful of these this morning - I suspect they have come from a clematis that had to be taken down to the root - Himself has begun his "garden redesign" which, for him, involves a chainsaw, heavy duty hedge-trimmer (we have no hedges) and a walloping great garden fork - along with his trusty incinerator bin ...... more like a garden massacre than a garden design!  I am worried!!!
We "discussed" what was to stay and what was to go - already some stayers are gonners!!!  
His excuse?  "It didn't look right when I took the other stuff out so it had to go - we can always buy another one if you REALLY want to"  Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Anyway .... the leaves were very pretty - and even prettier (I think) after I dunked this one in a bowl of water and put it on the grass in the sunshine!

FLOWERFRIDAY31  ....... very belatedly here is my sprinkling of BikerBear Hearts and Honourable Mentions:

BB Hearts for:






Honourable Mentions for:






When I get my five hearts renewed (does that make me some sort of a special vampire?  They have two hearts I think) I will be sprinkling once again - this time for FlowerFriday7 ..... thank you to everyone who makes this challenge such a wonderful one - and who make it harder each week for me to pick out just ten.

Enjoy your weekend.

~ Anni ~

Smile of the Day - Alternative Definitions:

Posse   -   a wild, west cat

Stalemate  -  an old spouse

Oyster  -  a large crane

Coward  -  a man who thinks with his legs


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