Tired after losing a whole night's sleep we motored back home and picked the dogs up from the kennels.

I don't think I've been as furious and upset for a long time. Poor Tilly was in a dreadful state and I've spent hours bathing her and trying to sort her eyes out and done a vet run to boot!! Not happy!

However all is well elsewhere and always good to be back in your own bed I think.

We have had a terrific holiday and so many people have been so very kind. In fact I would go as far as to say I've never known such kindness both from friends and family. It wouldn't and couldn't have happened so perfectly without them. I can't say how wonderful it was meeting up with the fellow blippers and what fun it was. Really missing their company already! 

One of the main highlights for me was hand feeding the hummers Sunday evening in Debbi's garden; what an experience - pure magic!! I feel very lucky to have her as a blip buddy and friend.

I have to thank everyone who has followed my journal over the last 3 weeks; I really appreciate it.  I also know I've a lot of catching up to do but time is tight at the moment.

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