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By walkingMarj

Deja vu?

My day started rather early. I woke at 0430 with cramp in both calves. As I jumped out of bed, I tripped and landed very heavily, although not as heavily as before my diet, on both knees. Ouch!  I had to put an ice pack on, take paracetamol and lie in bed worrying about whether I could walk today.

The treatment worked and I managed to go on a repeat of yesterday's walk. This time it was with Max Adams, the author, who is our expert for this walk on the Dark Ages and with Henry and Christine Swaddle, who are on the team with me.

I didn't manage the complete route without the odd moment of being misplaced, but we managed to return to Birdoswald by 3.30pm.  It's going to be a fascinating walk on October 7th (nearly fully booked already).

In the image you see Max, Henry and Christine beside an interesting sign. Anyone know what it means?

I'm a bit tired this evening...........

Nearly forgot - the walking festival leaflets were ready to pick up this afternoon. Brilliant.

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