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By walkingMarj

Globe thistle emerging

It's Wednesday and on Wednesdays I'm happy to say that I go walking with the Haltwhistle Walkers. Today we did a figure of 8 walk of about 8 miles from Wooler and then went to Maureen and Brian's house in Belford for tea.

I always seem to forget something when I go walking. Today it was the CF card for the camera, although I'd put a new battery just before leaving home. Arghh!  No one had a spare card of course, so I carted the camera all the way around the walk and could not use it. I did not have my iPhone with me either.

The images from today - wonderful open landscape, early heather and the bluest sea - are all in my mind instead of being recorded digitally.

Back home I enjoyed the late sunlight in our garden where the globe thistles are just about to burst open.

A lovely day although I did travel in a car with three men, one of whom was totally crazy..... The conversation was hilarioius to say the least!

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