Even Better Than The Little Black Dress !

Where is the woman who hasn't agonised over what to wear or the man who wishes he hadn't been asked his opinion on an outfit ...
What to wear and is it right ?  Magazines and the rag trade thrive on such .
What is the truth though, is to be seen on the lovely vintage card I received today ......'A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.'
For me it's the human sunshine with which we can warm each other.
Try it as you walk by a sranger,. in so doing make somebody a little happier -
You may wonder why the chain .Nothing to do with a bike .It's my  favourite bracelet and I never go out minus.However were it to be a case of bracelet or smile , there is no contest. Each time the smile is the nicest item in the wardrobe of life .No fashion designer can match it.
Plus it's lovely when there are those who send such cards . Beats email which has almost taken over in  our fast pace life .

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