a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Abstract #7

Abstract Thursday: Red Affinity Mash Up

I've recently downloaded Affinity as I don't have any photo editor software that allows you to layer images on top of each other etc.  As someone who hasn't played with Photoshop there is quite a serious learning curve for me in trying to use this software and messing around with images to form abstracts seemed to be a good place to start.

Inevitably, as with any first play with a piece of software, I am not happy with the end result, but time is against me today and I'm keen to get my blip loaded and to get to bed as I'm very short of sleep at the moment.

This shot started off as two images, a photo of my fingers, and a shot of the side of an ink bottle. I overlayed the images and then used the mirror filter to create the five pointed star elements.  From there it was a question of playing with colour and the extent and type of opacity to apply to the layers.  I can see that the software is very powerful and  potentially capable of great things but I am going to need to read up on what everything does and how it all works before I can use it effectively.

Thanks very much to everyone who provided feedback on yesterday's shot.  On balance the colour version was preferred to the mono version, which I can entirely understand, although the mono has a certain attraction.  

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