Communion - the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level.

Communion - the service of Christian worship at which bread and wine are consecrated and shared.

Good service at church this morning, which included sharing bread, but not wine, and chatting together - not communion, but communion - spot the subtle difference - and it was a really blessed time!  

There was a lovely home-baked loaf, but provision was also made for those with allergies, so there was also gluten-free and dairy-free bread too - so no-one would feel left out.  There was some very deep sharing during that time, and even some crying - and friends rallied round to give support where needed.

After the service, we always have tea, coffee, biscuits and any bread that is left over - and today was no different.

Two friends were showing off their painted toe-nails, which gave me an idea for my blip today - so I asked several of those around to “put their foot in” - and here they are.  Some are left feet and some are right, and when someone quipped “All feet say ‘cheese’” another bright spark said “My feet always say cheese”!  

Sometimes the “exchange of intimate thoughts and feelings” after the service can be very profound and meaningful - and today was one of those occasions.  Over a cuppa it gives us time to find out how our friends are doing, and how they are coping, often with difficult situations.  We can “weep with those who weep”, “rejoice with those who rejoice” and pray with those who need prayer.  We are fortunate to belong to a church which welcomes and includes all those who come and we thank God for each other.

God determines your greatness
     by how many people you serve,
          not how many people
               serve you.
Rick Warren

P.S.  Thank you for all your kind comments yesterday - the day went really well and we all enjoyed it but I didn't get around to responding to anyone. 

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