A time for everything

By turnx3

Painter's pallette

Today was grey and drizzly most of the day until just as the sun was beginning to go down, when there was a bit of clearing and we got a few peeks of sunshine. I just happened to look outside, and noticed the sun shining on our side hedge and the golden tops of our neighbors trees against the grey sky, and I grabbed my camera and ran outside before the sun disappeared again. Later on there were beautiful pink clouds in the sky. Beautiful end to a grey day.

Didnt do a great deal today - had to stay in this morning as they were coming to install a new garage door. The old one was the original wooden one and beginning to go rotten and sagging in the middle, leaving gaps at the sides for cold air to get in - not so great for insulation, since the garage is attached to the house. It had also developed a mechanical fault in the last few months - it would go up so far and then get stuck, unless you gave it a helping hand. The new one's great - looks so much nicer, and much quieter as its going up or down.

This evening we were out at Music Hall hearing the Cincinnati Symphony and May Festival Chorus perform Brahms German Requiem. The other piece was a work by Benjamin Britten. It was a wonderful concert, but the turn-out was pretty poor.

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