Five years on......

.....the moon was high in the sky, a slight colouring across the horizon, the air was cool, birds were waking and all was calm as dawn broke. 

Calm being the operative word here, as five years ago it was quite the opposite as the earth rumbled beneath our beds, we swayed as our house shook, little did we know this was the first of many earthquakes to come.

Today I took a little wander along the banks of the Kaiapoi River and returned to the swing bridge which was my blip five years ago. The swing bridge has been repaired and is often used by walkers, school children, joggers, elderly folk and photographers like myself. It's also great to see the new Manderville Tavern across the river after the old tavern had to be demolished.

A little reflection on my part during this time of change. 

Later in the day I enjoyed meeting up with JMK for a chat and catch-up over lunch, we had a wonderful time.

A pleasant day until after lunch when the wind from the south arrived with its bitter icy chill, 11C

Enjoy the weekend everyone :)

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