I associate cloud inversions with autumn, chilly nights and sunny days.  I scampered out of bed this morning once I spotted the scattered mist from the window.  The seasons have taken a distinct turn, right on cue.

Little Dog and I headed up on the moor after I’d had a banana. I still don’t have an appetite but I felt surprisingly good walking round the moors which did look beautiful in the dappled light being formed by the rising mist and strengthening sun.

I’d organised the last of my summer tutoring this afternoon and thought it would all be going to plan but nausea set in again and I’ve said I’ll do an evening after school for them another time.  I’m definitely feeling better than yesterday but I didn’t think it was wise for them or me.  

Fingers tightly crossed that it’s going to go away swiftly.

A contrast in feelings, weather and seasons for today’s Mono Monday, kindly hosted by Chantler63 and B4YUU.

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