Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Rudry Ridge Runner

When you arrive back from being away there's always jobs to be done. Before we went away it'd been raining so I couldn't do it. Today, after three weeks it badly needed doing. On top of that I needed to do some food shopping, and had a job call out.

I got a nice sunset last night over Manchester and as it had been a good day I thought I'd go to my friends farm on Rudry Ridge, that separates Caerphilly from Cardiff,and get some fresh free range eggs and hopefully a sunset. There were no eggs in the 'honesty box' so I waved Dave over and  followed him whilst he collected a dozen eggs from the chickens.

With that done he went back to sorting out the bales of silage and I went on the ridge to watch the sun setting. Stunning views. The photo I like best is of a runner that has caught the glow of the setting sun over a farm trailer.

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