Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Hands in Sand, Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Now behind on blipping due to the lack of reliable internet access at Grand Canyon Village.

Before we reached there we were lucky enough to visit Lower Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon near Page, Arizona.  And slot is right with barely room to pass through; no camera bags, thought we did take tripods due to the low light conditions.  We started at the top as a special photo tour.................and everyone else started at the bottom!  To begin with it was great with only the party to avoid in images, but as we descended group after group came through, sometimes blocking our route or standing where we wanted to shoot pictures.  

We coped, but it did seem somewhat haphazard on its arrangement.  Our guide was very quick to shout at the groups coming up to be careful of our tripods and equipment but many, as soon as they saw which direction we were photographing, started to take shots as well.  Selfies ruled, with one guy in dark, reflective glasses being very careful to make sure he looked 'cool'.  It was still a fascinating 2 hours.

I chose this shot as I like the hand prints on what is an arch, which I am standing on between.  Other shots give you a flavour as to how the water has sculpted the canyon.  

We were really lucky to be able to go down as the rains of recent days had temporarily closed the canyon due to flooding.

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