Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Food courts

Wow. It is so hard going back to work after a weekend, especially one as busy as ours!! Got picked up from work by SweetArt and finally tried on the new clothes I had tailored recently. Very disappointed that the shirts weren't quite what I was expecting, so all plans for the evening changed as I had to visit the tailor again to get them sorted.

As a result, instead of staying home for dinner, we went out again, this time to The Noodle House in Bur Juman; something SweetArt has been wanting to do for a while. This is our table... with the whole area stretching out in front of me. G & SweetArt were on that side because it was slightly warmer! Good for me though as it makes for a nice backdrop.

And a new TV got delivered today... this time a SONY (the TV always has to be SONY). And I set it up as soon as we got home. It is up and running and with a screen 8 inches larger than the previous one, it is er - BIG!!! Better sound than the Philips as well! Now, to just work out the screen mirroring so we can show pictures from our mobile phones on the big screen... :)  (I'm not called GadgetKid for no reason!)

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