By pensionspoet

Homeward Bound

I'm on the train at Liverpool Street waiting to take off on the last leg of my journey home. Due in Norwich at 20:30 this leaves at 18:30.

I left Torquay on the 14:19 to Paddington after a morning in the classroom where a gentleman from Prudential enlightened us on the benefits of AVCs. He said he wasn't doing his sales pitch - well I'd love to see him when he is! He is clearly very good at his job. Following this, we had an overview of IDRP then we all said our goodbyes. A packed lunch was provided, and we went our separate ways.

I caught the same train as 2 ladies from Surrey Pensions. They secured very nice seats in 1st Class due to the carriages being put together in the wrong order!!! So it was 'decommissioned' from 1st class and anyone could sit there! One of the ladies came and found me in the next carriage and I joined them for a very comfortable 3+ hours.

Then that mad dash across London. This is when I need a hover board so that I can get across London under my own steam. And the one thing I had been dreading happened - my ticket wouldn't work through the automated barriers!! None of them. Paddington, the 2 tube stations I had visit or Liverpool Street, but the staff were very kind and let me through each time.

So that was my day. On the train. All day. I took this photo from my first class seat approaching Dawlish I think - the views were lovely, over the sea. I wondered whether this was the stretch of train track that had been damaged in the storms a few years back. It was right on the sea.

South Devon - somewhere to visit. But perhaps not Torquay, other than for a day trip!

Lovely week but I can't wait to get home. And of course, I can't wait for work tomorrow ;-)

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