Ride Sally Ride - Reprise

The morning started off quite foggy but the sun soon broke through and lit up the cobwebs that seemed to be everywhere in the garden.

Today's a quiet day because there's nothing to be done until the soundcheck at 6. I get all fidgety at these times and just want to get on with it. I've always been a bit like this but not gigging as much these days, it seems worse. It'll be great fun once we get started!

Edit: I've changed my blip this evening having just returned from the gig and what an excellent night it was. At the end of the Village Festival performance, although I raved about the buzz, I still had a niggling feeling that we could have done better. We did do better tonight. I think that was partly due to being able to have control over the sound (rather than leaving it to a technician) and maybe partly to do with having 150+ people in the place who've all paid for a ticket to see us and who were all left calling for more after two encores. They cheered for us through the set, dancing and joining in when expected in the 'Ride Sally Rides' which I milked for all it was worth in the finale. We all enjoyed ourselves tremendously and clearly our audience did too. I didn't think I'd be able to get a shot tonight but at the end, when people were still cheering I got my phone out and took this shot. It's not great photography but it has to have a place in my journal to mark this evening. I'm so proud of my guys and girls who all did such a great job.

My Misty Web shot is now in the extras. Thank you for your comments on it.

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