It is quite difficult trying to think of something that will match with both the MonoMonday and the Pinktober challenge - I hope you will appreciate this one.

"On the rocks" can refer either to a drink served undiluted on ice cubes or to a relationship or something that has failed.  

Only this morning, I received a message from a lady I met only once in a cafe in Westbourne, but who was going through a very difficult time - I gave her one of my Post-it Notes and had a chat with her when she said it was very appropriate for her at that time.  

She tells me today that she has had a double mastectomy, 9 operations and also a skin graft that has gone wrong, so she now has to have carers and nurses in every day to dress her wounds.  

Although I am a friend of hers on Facebook, and have been following her journey, I never realised her situation was so difficult.  I had sent her a card a couple of months ago  because I knew the hospital she was in, but never really expected to hear back, so it was lovely to hear from her today, thanking me for my card.

Words seem so inadequate at a time like this, but I am praying that this courageous lady will be completely healed and restored to her family - she has certainly touched my life!

If you want to touch the past, 
     touch a rock.  
If you want to touch the present, 
     touch a flower.  
If you want to touch the future, 
     touch a life.

P.S.  I apologise for lack of comments yesterday - I was spending time with my husband!

Please click on this link once again so that those who live in countries where they have to pay for a mammogram, can have one free of charge because YOU clicked!  Thank you.

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