Mit Gefühl (Sepp Ort 1995)

Some may remember the Blip from Nov 2014 of the tipper trailer. A restoration project planned for last winter which never happened (just one of several hundred). When I got the digger a few weeks ago it suddenly became the priority as I needed to be able to transport the soil to other parts of the property.

Somehow seemed to take ages although relatively simple. I had wanted to clean up and repaint the entire trailer but in the rush restricted it to the wood parts. Had planned to replank the two long sides but there were several issue related to the metal framing. Although I have the wood ready (larch) have used the old ones for now with the help of a minimum of hay bale twine, the universal farmers "fix it".

This evening finally hitched it up and headed off for the digging project site. Took the opportunity to quickly photograph the "train", I guess about 16m long. The digger does not (yet) have a tow hitch so had to attach the trailer to the front of the tractor. If the truth was known, I prefer it that way - being the amateur I am, it's much easier to manoeuvre a two axle trailer that way. My farming tutor 20 years ago, Sepp could reverse a ´trailer blindfold in to a shed with 2 inches of free room on each side - he always said "low gear, low throttle, minimum steering movement and above all With Feeling " - he always used that expression whether talking about farming machines or women!!!! Well Sepp I haven't got any better since then...... with either!

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