Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


My garden is still blooming and full of color ... but not for much longer as the days grow cooler and shorter.  So, what better time to post something for Anni's FlowerFriday Challenge!  And, since the ladybug was basically screaming to be blipped, why not combine the two?  

It is a cool, blustery fall day - ideal for doing some garden clean-up while keeping a sharp eye peeled for bears.  Must say, any little rustle in the woods has me on high-alert after yesterday's visitor.  So, while I enjoyed pottering around outside, it wasn't exactly relaxing.  

Starting to see more white-throated sparrows now as well as yellow-rumped warblers, sure signs that winter is around the corner.  The warblers will eventually move a bit further south but the sparrows will be with us until spring.  Still seeing many, many bumble bees in the garden and even had a meadowhawk dragon sunning herself this morning. Not looking forward to winter...sigh.  

This afternoon I'm going  over to the farm and pick some of their luscious white eggplant and heirloom tomatoes - dinner tonight will be grilled eggplant/tomato salad.  Honestly, the local eggplant this year is not to be believed - so incredibly sweet without even a hint of bitterness.  Going to miss that this winter... 

No other big news on the Lane at the moment...Happy Friday.


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