Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Mono Monday: Origins

Sorry peeps! I saw today's Mono Monday theme and a chance visit to Pyramids for dinner meant I *could* make a contribution so here it is - A Pharoah statue with a pink border as I don't want to give up on BCAM2015! I hope the connection is obvious.

Think both G & I struggled with our work days, so were pleased to start the evening. I had to call into the tailor to see about my shirts. Only come home with one so far. The weather has cooled noticeably so G decided she wanted to eat sitting out somewhere. Amazingly, there weren't many places we could think of where this is a possibility. Our favourite restaurant Yahala is still closed, so after much deliberation, we ended up in Wafi (NO, a MALL!) only to find out that the restaurant we wanted was closed for renovation.!! Argh.

Anyway, a Plan B quickly emerged and we ended up in Carter's. Very nice but it suddenly turned humid, so sitting out may not have been such a good idea! There you go.

I need to wake extra early tomorrow so, good night now!

For BCAM2015, could I ask you please to click on this link:

PS. Thank you Nickimags888 for hosting.

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