I don't get many clicks on the camera standing on the tripod in my living room these days.  It just stares out the window, yearning to be focused on birds that pass through the yard. 

Yesterday, I was able to get the playful finches at the water dish because they stayed for a while. I was able to take the time necessary to take the shot.  I have great difficulty finding a position in which to put my finger on the shutter release button without the bulk of the cast on my hand getting in the way or it causing great pain.

So for me to get even close to capturing a hummingbird today was a thrill.  It was the only snap I took on the Rebel and it was of my buddy, Zippy.  He's looking quite handsome as an elder statesman.  Maybe by Christmas his "beard" will be as long as Santa's!

I was supposed to get the cast off on the 17th.  Then the appointment got changed to the 24th.  I got a call this morning saying the doctor wasn't going to be in on the 24th, that in fact he wasn't going to be in for the next week and a half after that.  So instead of getting the cast off in five weeks after surgery, it would have been 8-9 weeks. 

After I started crying hysterically, she said she could squeeze me in on the morning of the 20th but I would probably have a very, very long wait.  So it's likely I'll be in there on a Friday from dawn to dusk.  Good way to start a weekend.  I just hope the cast and pins come off/out permanently then!

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