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By Damnonii

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Today has been beyond hectic and a little, ok very frustrating at times.

I think the frustration stemmed from the fact all I wanted to do today was play with my new camera but there was lots and lots of mundane stuff that had to be done.   

I finally managed to sneak outside into the misty, grey murk just after midday for 10 whole minutes, before it was time to come back inside and get started on the next load of mundane stuff!

By the time tea and evening mundane stuff was out the way, it was 9.30pm and at last time to upload today's photos.  

All went well till I tried to open the raw files in PSE11 and I kept getting a weird message about files not being supported or already in the catalogue. Had several attempts but kept getting the same message.  Tried to upload photos taken with my old camera and got the same message.

Now, if I'd taken a deep breath and used my brain, instead of throwing a hissy fit, saying bad words and almost lobbing my laptop across the room getting a little impatient, I would have realised at least an hour before I did, that all I had to do was go into PSE11 and update Camera Raw 7.1 to Camera Raw 7.4 (which took all of three minutes) and Bob would have been my uncle!  

See, this is what happens when my Camera Guru goes down under for a month and leaves me to my own devices!!

Never mind, I got there in the end  :-)))

For the first time in a long time, I couldn't decide between two shots because I l liked them both (for a long while I seem to have been trying to choose the best of a bad bunch!)  so eeny meeny miny mo was utilised.  I'm thinking this bodes well for the 6D.  The other shot is in extras.  

I promise I will do my VERY BEST tomorrow to visit your journals.  You are so lovely still visiting mine when I am so bad at commenting.   Thank you xx

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