A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


(For non-nerds, a Meeple is a specific shape of game-playing piece representing a person - a shape not quite like these.)

DellCon4 is in full swing.  I'm not. (See yesterday).  However, I did get to play a few games during the day including dusting off FabrikManager (Factory Manager).  Mechanistically, a PowerGrid variant; but shorter in length.  

This is one of many games I'd love the time to rewrite the English rules in Clarity. There's nothing technically wrong with the rules but so much superfluous detail is given it makes it impossible for a listener to follow the broader thread.  Imagine anyone listening to Richard III, thus:

A horse, one only, or any one tame quadrupedal animal capable of fast regent transport, a horse (this is an reminder, not a requirement for two horses)! My kingdom, specifically a territory ruled by a king or queen occupied by the active player, for a horse (still only requiring one horse)!

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