Mirror, Mirror.....

I had to go with the cute factor today, well I thought so.

A very young black swan cygnet looking a little shy or bashful or perhaps a little baffled by the 'other' one looking back. I found a quiet spot with just a gentle cold breeze sending ripples through the water, just a few quick shots and I was away out of the wind and back home.

Slowly my eyes are getting better, at least it feels that way today. Spent most of the day at home just pottering and keeping off the laptop, gently does it I feel.

Thanks to all who have stopped by the last few days. I've enjoyed reading your words, I'll be back as soon as I can.

Hoping your all well, its Friday tomorrow - where has this week gone???

PS The parents to this little one are both Black Swans, they are a happy family of just three, perhaps this little cygnet arrived around 'snow time'.

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